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In today’s highly competitive business climate, your company’s mission is clear – increase sales or find yourself working for the competition. Your selling skills may keep the company going, but to really drive sales and take your company to the next level, you need to learn how to build an elite sales force. The type of sales force that will sell no matter which turn the economy takes.

Building a superior sales organization is more than assembling a group of people who call themselves salespeople. An elite sales force will mean more sales, higher profits and greater growth for your company. As a special bonus – they’ll wreck havoc on your competition.

Want to know how Dell Computer, Microsoft, Federal Express and today’s new crop of fast growth companies keep their salespeople on top?

Spend an afternoon with top sales force development specialist Danny Wood as he reveals the tactics fast growth companies employ to assemble their winning sales teams. Mr. Wood will discuss:

· How to gauge a salesperson’s potential– Before you hire them

· How to separate the hunters from the farmers

· How to hire salespeople who will fight for your price

· How you or your manager should hold your people accountable

· How to attract top performers

· How to prepare your sales force to be #1


Wednesday November 14, 2001

Arthur’s Downtown 12:00 to 2:30

60 Park Place, Newark, NJ 07102

$30.00 per person—Lunch Included

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Call 973-242-7648

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 The New Jersey Small Business Journal

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